Quitting Smoking and Self-Image

How do You Perceive Yourself
How do You Perceive Yourself
Recently I was reading a book on self-image pertaining to fat loss. As I was reading I soon realized that I could apply these same principles to many areas of my life. I began to think back to the days when I struggled with quitting smoking. How I would try and try and try and… you get the point. Then I would finally quit only to start up again a few months later. WHY? And why was this time different? Why have I been smoke free for years and don’t even think about it anymore?

We all have goals in our lives and if you don’t set goals then you are setting yourself up for failure. Without knowing where you are going in life, one thing is certain, you will not get there. When developing your goal to quit smoking you need to take into account your self-image. Do you envision yourself as a smoker or a nonsmoker? How does that make you feel; happy, depressed, wanting, excited?

The point I am getting at is – the day you quit smoking are you visualizing yourself as a joyful person who is choosing to change your life for the better? A life better for yourself, families, and friends. Or do you see yourself as a disgruntled smoker who can’t smoke? With the latter you are just setting yourself up for failure. Sure you still may quit smoking but your chances of starting up again are high. How you imagine your life being is how it will turn out. For me, I can’t see myself as a smoker. I see myself healthy and strong able to enjoy many new things in my life. I see myself living longer being richer and happier.

Seriously! When you think of your life envision what you want it to be, even if it seems out of your reach. See yourself living your dream each day.

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