Quitting Smoking and Exercise Helps Prevent Cancer

Lower your Cancer Risk
Lower your Cancer Risk
As smokers continue to smoke at some point they are confronted with the thought of cancer. I was there when someone in my life died from lung cancer due to smoking and from the time she found out she had it to her last day it only took a few months to completely taker her from us. She was constantly in pain and each day she got worse until she was gone. Nobody should have to watch a loved one die from cancer, especially from a cancer that was self-inflicted. It can happen to people of all ages and even non-smokers. People that are exposed to secondhand smoke die from cancer each year just because they were hanging out or working around people that smoked.

Of course the best thing that a person can do is to quit smoking. Secondly, get some exercise. People who engage in regular physical activity have a significantly lower risk of certain cancers than people that aren’t. The top 3 things a person can do to help prevent cancer are 1) quit smoking 2) get enough exercise and 3) eat healthy nourishing foods.

If your goal to quit smoking has to do with living longer then take the next step and give your body what it needs. Making a major lifestyle change will increase your chances of quitting and also increase your chances of staying quit.

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