Quit Smoking Weight Gain

Manage Quit Smoking Weight Gain Eating Healthy
Manage Quit Smoking Weight Gain Eating Healthy
Eighty percent of people who quit smoking will experience some weight gain. The majority will only gain 4 to 10 pounds, however some have gained up to 30 pounds after quitting.

The health effects of smoking are far worse than gaining a few pounds after quitting. When you quit smoking your body is getting back to normal, your senses are changing, and the amount of energy you use varies. It is estimated that heavy smokers burn nearly 200 calories per day more than a nonsmoker – why, because nicotine is an appetite suppressant as well as a stimulant that increases the heart rate, hence high rates of heart problems for those who smoke for long periods of time.

When you quit smoking you realize that many foods smell and taste better, you enjoy eating more. You might even find that you have a sweet tooth. Many people also replace smoking when managing stress with eating which will increase the number of calories you consume.

Remember when it comes to managing weight the total number of calories consumed should equal the number of calories burned. If you want to lose weight then consume less calories. The problem is that when you quit smoking your body needs to find its normal healthy metabolic rate and this can take some time and caloric consumption usually is more than what the body burns.

Quit smoking weight gain is far from impossible to manage and the best ways to do it are with regular exercise and healthy eating. Getting physically active will help burn calories, manage stress, and control weight gain. Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle is a great resource when it comes to managing weight naturally.

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