Psychological Effect of Smoking

Psychological Effects of Smoking
Psychological Effects of Smoking

I think a lot of smokers don’t consider the psychological effects of smoking. Many of the quit smoking aids available don’t tend to address this issue such as nicotine replacement products. All they do is continue to feed the body nicotine, feeding the addiction. Granted it is less toxic to the body but in reality you still have a nicotine addiction. Now don’t get me wrong, many people have successfully quit by using NRP but they don’t address the psychological effects of nicotine.

When you take a minute to think about why smokers smoke they don’t come back saying because they are addicted to nicotine. They have a whole list of reasons such as:

  • Manage Stress
  • Weight Management
  • They are Angry
  • Overcome Boredom
  • Curve Hunger Pangs
  • Something to do While Driving
  • Helps Them Relax

The point is that smoking has been made into a crutch that keeps smokers in slavery to the nasty habit. In fact the number one reasons why people start smoking, after quitting, is because they don’t know how to manage stress without smoking.

When quitting smoking it is important to look at why you smoke and if you use smoking as a crutch to get through stressful, any other, situations. There are healthy ways to deal with stress, anxiety, weight, boredom, etc that don’t require lighting up. Seek them out and put them into practice, eighty percent of the population manages without smoking so can you.

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