Pros and Cons of Stopping Smoking

When you started smoking you did not sit down and put together a list of pros and cons to why you should or should not smoke. It was just one of those things that happened and now you find yourself willing to give anything if you could quit. Sometimes it seems impossible to regain control of life when trying to stop smoking.

You are at a point where weighing the pros and cons of stopping smoking can be beneficial. Compare them with how life would be if you were no longer physically and psychologically addicted to nicotine and smoking. Would you be any closer to meeting any personal goals?

Take a look at your future goals and if your current actions are keeping you from reaching them. For example; do you want to start a family? Smoking can interfere with fertility and harm unborn children. Do you want to be a good role model to your children? Smoking kills and no one wants to see their children take up smoking but they just might if they see you doing it. Have you ever wanted to run a 5K or 10K? Kind of hard if you are smoking a pack a day. How about adding years to your life? As you examine your goals you will notice that your present actions conflict with your personal goals such as health, success or family happiness. By understanding the relationship between your goals and smoking you can increase your chances of actually quitting.

806 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Stopping Smoking”

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