Profit by Promoting Death

Don't be fooled! It can happen to you.
Don't be fooled! It can happen to you.
It is an interesting fact that smoking kills more people than any other disease. The health effects of smoking are numerous and have an impact on everyone exposed. Over the years studies have shown that people die from simply being exposed to cigarette smoke.

In the US nearly 50,000 non-smokers die from a smoking related illness (read more on the health effects of smoking on nonsmokers). Babies have high rates of sudden infant death syndrome when their parents, mothers in particular, smoke. Children grow up with severe cases of asthma and other medical conditions from being exposed to the dangers. There are hundreds if not thousands of studies that have been done which reveal the dangers associated from smoking and other tobacco related products.

Here is another fact; tobacco companies are profiting billions of dollars from the sale of tobacco products knowing that just from smoking alone nearly half a million people will die in the US alone from a smoking related illness. I believe in population control but there has to be a better way, a way that doesn’t drag our children into such a destructive behavior.

Stop forking over your hard earned money to these tobacco companies that don’t give a crap about the harm their product cause. We are responsible for the choices we make and we should be able to change what we do, especially when it is killing us and those around us.

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