Out of Sight Out of Mind

It is obvious that when you stop smoking you will want to get rid of your pack of cigarettes and lighter. You also will want to remove anything else from your home, car, or work that reminds you of smoking. Sorry no… you can’t get rid of your coworkers. Them you are going to have to deal with.

You will also want to clean your surroundings to get rid of the smoky smell that has been stuck to you for years. Clean things in your home such as; clothes, drapes, and carpet. Don’t forget about your car – each time you get into it you will be reminded about smoking because most people smoke while driving but by getting rid of the odor you can help change that.

Lastly, don’t keep a pack of cigarettes around just in case you feel you “have” to have one. That is only going to set you up to fail. Remember you are stopping smoking for good and the last thing you need is an additional temptation around.

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