Ooops I Did it Again

quit smoking slip
quit smoking slip
Everything is going according to plan, you already have made it half a day without smoking and your are feeling great but all of a sudden the urge to smoke seems overwhelming and you find yourself smoking.

It is important to prepare yourself for such instances, the majority of people that quit smoking don’t do it on their first try but this is not an excuse to smoke and should never be considered an option. Once that seed is planted and you slip day-after-day it won’t take long until you are back up to smoking a pack a day.

Your life is on the line and each cigarette you smoke reduces your life by about 11 minutes, according to British researchers who calculated the effect of a lifetime of smoking. You do the math, for every pack of cigarettes you smoke you are potentially reducing your life by 3.6 hours – multiply that by 365 days a year that is 1,338 hours, equivalent to 55 days. You get the point.

So how many “Ooops-es” are you going to do? Smoking just one cigarette is risky business and you aren’t doing yourself any favors.

If you do slip and smoke you will likely feel guilty and that there is no use in quitting! You just don’t have what it takes. Bull! You have everything it takes to quit smoking and you just need to try and try again until you get it right.

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