On the Big Stop Smoking Day

You are likely going to have mixed emotions when the day comes you stop smoking. Feelings of excitement for taking your life back, thinking about the money you will save or the smile on your child’s face. But you may also be feeling a large amount of anxiety too. Not only are you breaking a bad habit you are kicking an addiction. This can bring its own stress but the fear of quitting should not stand in your way.

You may be surprised to how much time you actually spent smoking. You will need to fill this space with new things to do and it should not all be work but for now keep as busy as you can. Find new things to do with your time and stay away from the things that make you want to smoke. Think about how you will reward yourself when you make it through your first few days of not smoking.

It is hard to smoke when you keep yourself busy. You will also want to introduce new habits into your life such as exercising and eating healthy. It is hard to want a cigarette after a brisk walk, bike ride, or a swim. Go to the park with your children and shoot some hoops or play some tether ball, just watch your fingers.

Stopping smoking should be more about not smoking it should be about living a new healthier life.

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