Odds of Success if You Smoke After Quitting

Many people think that they can have just one cigarette after quitting. Maybe they are enjoying a night on the town, throwing down a few drinks and the smell of others smoking triggers that craving. It is easy to think that having a cigarette won’t hurt but 90 percent of smokers who smoke after quitting will later return to regular smoking.

There are dozens of scenarios that can trigger you to crave smoking after quitting and it is important to know what they are. You want to avoid people, places, and things that are dangerous for you because the last thing you want is all your hard work to be flushed down the toilet.

Would you recommend to a heroin addict who has successfully kicked their habit to shoot up just one more time? Of course not! That is ludicrous to even suggest but by putting yourself in tempting situations and thinking you can have “just one” you are putting yourself in the same boat. Smoking one cigarette will put you at risk, there is no question about it. Studies clearly show that people who smoke after quitting whether it is one here and there will eventually lead you to smoking.

Remember why you are quitting… You don’t want have to start over and many times if a person starts smoking it is years again before they quit. It becomes more and more difficult to quit each time because you have failed before and your brain will use it against you.

If you are going to quit smoking then do what ever it takes to never smoke again, not even just one. Avoid dangerous situations until you have the tools and willpower to say “NO” when the urge comes. This is your health and you need to protect it at all costs.

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