Nicotine Dependence

I would venture to guess that most people smoking don’t know what the nicotine content of their cigarette is. When you started smoking you were most likely doing it to fit in or feel the “buzz” you got from nicotine but over the years it has evolved from a physical addiction to both physical and psychological.

Knowing how addicted you are to nicotine can help you stop smoking. It can help you decide on what method of extra support you need. When you combine methods you can increase your chances. If you smoke a cigarette that has 1.7mg of nicotine per – twenty times a day you are more dependent on a one that only has .50mg of nicotine. Unfortunately this information is hard to come by and what is available is quite dated… click here.

Some people have used an approach that allowed them to smoke while quitting. They would smoke cigarettes with less nicotine and eventually lower their dependence on nicotine until they stopped altogether. This does help with the physical but not the psychological and there are those that think that is much more difficult to overcome.

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