Motivation to Stop Smoking

We look at people and wonder why they don’t have the motivation to lose weight, stop smoking or get a grip on their drinking habits. Motivation used to be one of those things that people were thought to either have or not have; in essence you were born with it. The motivation to stop smoking is in every person that has the desire to quit. Motivated people succeed in achieving their goals whether that goal is to stop smoking or earn a college degree at the age of forty.

Motivation is the key to change. However, sometimes it is difficult to get motivated. The internal drive simply isn’t there and external influences are more negative than positive. It is only when smoking is more painful than the thought of not smoking that the seed of motivation starts to grow. You know that you’re ready to stop smoking when you decide that you need to change before it is too late.

Enhancing Motivation to Stop Smoking

There is no shortage of feedback on the negative effects of smoking. Clearly it is harmful to your health and the health of others. 1 out of 5 people struggle with a smoking addiction in the U.S. and over 70 percent of smokers consider stopping each year. You can increase your motivation to quit by understanding the negative effects smoking has on your life and that of society.

Change the way you perceive challenging situations in your life. Let go of every excuse that keeps you in bondage to smoking and empower yourself by being optimistic. You can stop smoking!

Take responsibility for your actions and seek out help from others. Reach out to others for help and encouragement. People that have been in your shoes are a great motivator and they can be warm, empathetic and understanding to your situation.
You can either wait until you receive a devastating diagnosis to get motivated or you can start now before time runs out. Take a minute to list all of the reasons to stop smoking but most of all look for that ONE reason that overshadows everything in your life. Let this reason be your motivation to stop smoking!

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