Motivation To Quit Smoking

What Motivates You to Quit Smoking?
What Motivates You to Quit Smoking?
Recently I was reading an article on motivation and when a person is able to make a serious change in their lives; motivation is the key. I know when I quit smoking after my separation I was extremely motivated by being desirable to other woman at some point in time. I knew that studies had shown that smokers are viewed as less desirable and intelligent. Not how I wanted to be perceived at this point and time.

We are all motivated by something and there are different extremes of motivation as well. We can be a little or a lot motivated depending on what it is. Why is it that we know we need to quit smoking and yet fail time and time again but if someone were to offer us $50,000 we would quit in an instant?

If you want to quit smoking you need to find what really motivates you. It has to be something that you are passionate about. The more you are driven to achieve your goal of quitting the better your chances of success.

Motivation leads to action! Find that reason to quit and write it down. What will you gain? What will you lose? The answers are important to stay focused on what you want to achieve. Your desire to quit will be tested with cravings and withdrawals; you will feel like giving up but instead of feeding the addiction you should feed the motivation.