Medicines that Help Quit Smoking

Nicotine Replacement Products
Nicotine Replacement Products
There are many different methods to help you quit smoking. One is the use of prescription and over the counter medicines. Really what these types of products do is to help with the withdrawals of nicotine when you quit smoking but they do have their drawbacks.

When you quit smoking you may feel strange for a bit. You may feel dull, tense, and not yourself. These are all mild signs of your body getting used to life without nicotine. These types of feelings usually pass within a few weeks or so and sometimes people need a little extra help to get through them. The last thing you want to do after quitting smoking is to start up again because you want to feel normal again. You will feel normal soon enough, so instead of smoking consider trying one of the many alternatives available.

I have quit several times over the years and used various methods, some I liked better than others, some didn’t work, and some worked the first time around but not later after I started smoking again and tried to quit. The reason why I would start smoking again after being smoke free, sometimes for months, was because of stress and the belief that smoking had some value. That is why I recommend reading the Easy Quit System and learning how to manage stress when you quit smoking.

Many years ago I tried to use over-the-counter nicotine replacement products to help quit smoking. I settled on the patch. I did not like it at all. Even at smoking a pack a day of roll my own the lowest dosage patch delivered too much nicotine to my system making me shaky and feeling sick. Other over-the-counter products include nicotine gum and lozenges. OTC replacement products weren’t for me but when you are trying to quit smoking you should know your options.

When I was able to quit smoking it was with the use of a prescription from my doctor. Drugs such as Zyban and Wellbutrin have been around for some time and have proven to be effective for some. For me Wellbutrin did the trick however it came at a cost. While I was on it I felt detached, had trouble sleeping and there were sexual side effects. However after a couple months and I was off of it I was smoke and nicotine free. Everything else returned to normal. The other downside to both of these options to quitting smoking is that they aren’t cheap. If you have medical insurance you can usually get the prescription drugs at a good deal but if not it may cost you $100 or more per month. Nevertheless, quitting smoking is your primary goal and in the long run you will save thousands of dollars on cigarettes alone. To get an idea of what it costs for OTC quit smoking aids check out

By talking to your doctor you should be able to determine the best approach for you to take.

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