Manage Smoking Cravings

Stopping smoking is challenging and you will have cravings, in fact these cravings cause many smokers to relapse in the first 3 months of quitting. So here is what you have to know about managing smoking cravings…

The urge to smoke usually only lasts a few minutes! Do whatever it takes to wait it out. Don’t sit and dwell on the fact that you want a cigarette. Get up and do something to take your mind off of it. Get a drink of water, think of why you are quitting; whatever you do don’t give in to the thought that, “Just one won’t hurt.” It does hurt by taking 11 minutes off your life and it makes stopping smoking that much harder. Once you open that door you may do it over and over again.

Here are some additional tips on how to manage smoking cravings.

Take deep breaths and relax. Take 10 deep breaths and hold the last one, releasing it slowly.

Munch on something healthy like apples, carrots or celery, drink some water, or put a handful of sunflower seeds in your mouth (if you do this a lot I recommend the unsalted kind). It can’t be said enough but get physically active; walk, jog, run, bike, do the stairs, stretch, clean something, just get up and move around. Do everything but smoke.

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