Improve Cardiovascular Health by Quitting Smoking

Improve Cardiovascular Health
Improve Cardiovascular Health
Heart disease and stroke are two of the leading causes of death in the US. Smoking is one of the main risk factors that increase the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases. By quitting smoking you can, over time, greatly reduce the chances of developing a cardiovascular disease and repair much of the damage that has been caused by years of smoking.

By getting physically active after quitting smoking you can improve your cardiovascular health even more. The benefits of physical activity on cardiorespiratory health are some of the most extensively documented of all the health benefits.

People who are moderately active significantly lower their risk of cardiovascular disease than inactive people. Regularly active adults have lower rates of heart disease, and stroke, and have lower blood pressure, and overall fitness. All it takes to see significant results is 150 minutes of moderate activity each week. Moderate activity includes fast walking, jogging, weight lifting, exercise class, bike riding, climbing stairs, etc. Three 50 minute work outs a week are a great place to start. If you are new to exercise don’t over do it… take time to let your body adjust.

There are many great benefits to exercising and getting physically active. When you quit smoking you are going to need to find a way to manage stress – exercise is one of them so consider getting active after quitting smoking.