If I Stop Smoking Will I Will Gain Weight?

Are you worried about gaining weight after stopping smoking? You are not alone. Many ex-smokers who quit are concerned because the reality of weight gain is real. In fact, it is likely that you will gain a few pounds after quitting but luckily only a few gain a lot of weight.

The average weight gain for someone after quitting is around 10 pounds. Compared to the health risks of smoking it should never be a question of quitting. It is very easy to lose 10 pounds in a short period of time rather than dealing with a major illness down the road. It is estimated that you would need to gain 100 – 150 pounds after quitting to make your health risk as high as when you smoked.

Weight gain should not be a deterrent from stopping smoking. It is simply another step in the process that you need to plan for. Smoking increases the heart rate and after kicking the habit your metabolism is going to return to a normal state, a state which you have not seen for a very long time. It’s likely you will need fewer calories than you once did and if you don’t make adjustments to your diet or physical activity it can lead to weight gain.

Planning for weight gain is easy and you should never keep smoking just to avoid it. You are going to need to undo much of the damage smoking has caused to your body over the years and you do that by fine tuning your diet and getting physically active. You are doing much more than kicking a bad habit, you are making a major life-style change.