How to Help Someone Stop Smoking

You can only help someone so far when it comes to getting them to stop smoking. They have to do the work and want it for themselves. Convincing someone to stop smoking is difficult because they don’t see the damage it is causing or they are ignorant to it. You have to remember that not only are smokers addicted to a powerful drug, nicotine but they are also psychologically addicted to the habit of smoking.

We all have certain triggers or impulses when we encounter particular stimuli. For example: when we feel stressed we may go for a walk, hit the gym, or simply let out a loud scream. For smokers, they smoke and smoke and smoke. They have forgotten what it is like to live life without smoking.

Begging, pleading, or arguing with someone to quit isn’t the best approach, in fact, it probably won’t work at all. But if you know someone that is trying to stop you can encourage them and remind them of the great freedom they will experience.

Think about how you would react to someone giving you a million dollars to quit eating ice cream. That would pretty much be a no brainer and the each time you were tempted you would think about everything you were going to buy with all that money and the new life you will have. The same thing for a person trying to stop smoking; remind them of how much better they will smell, how good they will look, that people view non-smokers as smarter, the opposite sex will be more attracted to them, that their health will improve, food will smell and taste better, ect. There are lots of ways to support someone when quitting and one of the best ways is to help them see the benefits of quitting.

How to help someone stop smoking is all about support and listening. Help them find new ways to deal with life, show them how you do it. Take them for a walk, to the gym, or simply go out and shoot some hoops. Get physically active with them; people don’t want to smoke after exercising so find time to spend with them.

Giving up bad habits requires building new healthy habits.

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