How Much Failure is too Much

You’ve heard people say they are going to accomplish their goal or die trying. You’ve also heard about people giving up on their dreams after things not quite working out the way they were planned. At what point do you give up and stop pursuing your goals? In essence, how much failure is too much? Well, I guess it all depends on the person.

We all struggle, there are good times, bad times and times in between. No one on this planet is spared from failure, we all experience it. It doesn’t matter how educated you are, how hard of a worker you are or if you are a good/bad person. Failure is simply a part of life.

When we experience failure it can lead to feelings of frustration, anger, hopelessness and guilt. We can be so hard on ourselves that we begin to feel worthless and want to give up. Stopping smoking is a challenging thing to do and the majority of people that have quit experience failure.

Behind every success story are a 100 stories of failure. Often failure is viewed negatively; that we aren’t good enough, strong enough or lack the will power to succeed. When you stop smoking the odds are high that you are going to experience failure. How many times have you said you would stop yet haven’t set the date? How many times did you quit for a day only to run out and buy a pack of smokes because the urges go to be too much? What about eating too much after quitting? Going to the club Friday night and taking a few puffs off your friend’s cig? All of these can lead to failure.

There are going to constantly be hurdles in your path as you pursue your goal to stop smoking. Failure is a part of growth and it is this challenge that will teach you the most. If you can quit smoking you can do anything, right?

The difference between success and admitting defeat is determination. How determined are you to stop smoking? Are you committed to do whatever it takes and quit 1,000 times if necessary? Are you going to learn from your failures and improve your stop smoking plan or are you going to admit defeat and give up? You will be tested each day after making the decision to quit. Your success hinges on whether you pass the challenge or give up – the choice is yours. Choose to learn from your failures and achieve your goals and dreams.