How Much Exercise is Enough

Getting Active Improves Health
Getting Active Improves Health

So you are looking at improving the quality of your life by quitting smoking and getting physically active. Remember to get physically active you don’t have to join a gym. There are many activities and places that can provide the results you desire.

Many folks tend to over do it and start training like they are going to be running the next marathon. This may be good for some as a stress reliever or others that are actually going to run a marathon but for the majority of us this is a bit much.

According to the US Department of Human Health Services there are several stages of or “levels” of physical activity and all provide different results.

First we need to define some terminology:

Baseline activity refers to the light-intensity activities of daily life. This is slow walking, standing, and lifting lightweight objects. Individuals vary in how much baseline activity they do. People who do only baseline activity are considered to be inactive.

An Inactive Person – There is no benefits for an inactive person and this is unhealthy. There is no activity beyond baseline.

Low Physical Activity – There is activity beyond baseline but it is fewer than 150 minutes per week. There are some overall health benefits and are preferable to an inactive lifestyle.

Medium Physical Activity – If you do between 150 to 300 minutes per week you are in this category. There are substantial health benefits. Activity at the high end of this range has additional and more extensive health benefits than at the low end. Nevertheless this is a good place to be.

High Physical Activity – More than 300 minutes a week. There are additional health benefits however current science does not allow researchers to identify an upper limit of activity above which there are no additional health benefits.

It is clear that in order to be healthy, manage weight and look and feel your best it is a good idea to get some good exercise. Depending on your individual goals will dictate how much exercise you need. If you are exercising to manage stress or build muscle or lose weight would all dictate the levels of exercise you need.

Here is one of my favorite resources… it is a BMI (Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to both adult men and women.) calculator

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