How Do I Stop Smoking

The health effects of smoking are well-known and most smokers understand that quitting is the single best thing they can do to improve their health. However, knowing something to be the case doesn’t necessarily make it easier – stopping smoking is tough.

According to the CDC, American adult smokers, 68.8 percent, want to stop smoking completely and many have tried. In 2010 over 23 million people stopped smoking for more than one day because they wanted to quit.

“How do I stop smoking?” is a question that nearly every smoker will eventually ask themselves. Even though the answer is simple enough getting it done is much more challenging. Ask anyone that has never struggled with addiction and they will tell you it is a matter of willpower; all you need to do is not smoke. But they don’t understand the power of addiction that without smoking every fiber in a person’s body cries out for just one cigarette.

To complicate matters worse, “how do I stop smoking?” and “how do you stop smoking?” can be two entirely different methods. You can get several ex-smokers into a room and find out that many quit by using several different methods; methods that they related too.

Stopping smoking has its challenges but they can be overcome especially if you take steps to improve your success. Start by understanding why you want to quit. You need to plant a seed that will take off and be the root of your motivation. Stopping because it is bad for you might not get the job done but stopping because you want to improve your chances of living to see your children grow up, might.

Nicotine is a powerful drug that leads to dependence and is the most common form of drug dependence in the U.S. Common reasons for relapse are stress, weight gain and withdrawal symptoms. Knowing this can help you prepare for what’s to come. Understand the things that stress you out and know that it is going to get 10 times worse as you stop smoking. Learn new methods for dealing with stress such as diet and exercise, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, journaling, walking, screaming into your pillow or listening to calming music.

People fear weight gain after stopping which is a legitimate concern but as your body returns to normal your metabolism is going to change and you can avoid large amounts of weight gain by limiting junk food consumption. Don’t sit around when you can go for a walk.

Physical nicotine withdrawals can be dealt with; often they are like having severe cold. You might have trouble concentrating, sleeping, irritability and anxiety but these symptoms usually go away fairly quickly.

How Do I Stop Smoking

Put together a plan to overcome the obstacles that stopping smoking presents. Try and try again until you have successfully quit and if one method doesn’t work try a different one. The most important thing is to learn to manage your stress without smoking. Plan a lifestyle change rather than simply quitting a bad habit!

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