Healthy Living Quit Smoking Tip

Get Physically Active
Get Physically Active
There are many ways to stop smoking but did you know that by making one simple lifestyle change you can greatly increase your chances of quitting? Whether it is weight loss, better health, more energy, quitting smoking, ect. by getting physically active you can manage cravings better, control weight gain, work off stress, and find new ways to channel your energy rather than smoking.

Being physically active helps people quit smoking by building confidence, providing more energy, and allows people to deal with stress in their lives. Eventually you will find the smell of cigarette smoke to be offensive and disgusting, use that for your advantage. You don’t need to go to the gym to be physical either. Walking around the block, jumping jacks, shoot some hoops, buy yourself a treadmill with all the money you will be saving from not smoking, go for a bike ride, etc. There are countless ways to get physically active so get off your butt and get moving around.

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