Health Effects of Smoking Headlines

Smoking Related Headlines
Smoking Related Headlines

Almost everyday there is something being published about the effects of smoking. Here are some headlines from Medical News Today on the health effects of smoking.

  • 15 Cigarettes Equal One DNA Mutation
  • Smoking Increases Risk Of Blindness In Old Age
  • Smoking Soon After Waking Could Increase Your Risk Of Lung Cancer
  • Teen Smoking Linked To Drinking And Drug Use
  • Smokers At Risk From Their Own ‘Second-Hand’ Smoke
  • Quitting Smoking Can Reverse Asthma-Inducing Changes In Lungs
  • Exposure To Passive Smoking At Work Linked To Increased Adult Asthma
  • Colorectal Cancer Risk Increased By Smoking
  • Prenatal Tobacco And Lead Exposure Linked To ADHD
  • Increased Risk Of Seizures Faced By Current Cigarette Smokers
  • Smoking Causes Blindness
  • Smoking May Now Be Considered An Established Risk Factor For ALS
  • Bladder Cancer Risks Increase Over Time For Smokers
  • Tobacco Smoke Has Harmful Impact On Asthma, Rhinitis And Immunity
  • Kicking The Smoking Habit Improves Surgical Outcomes
  • Behavioral Problems In 3-Year-Old Boys And Girls Linked To Smoking During Pregnancy
  • Even A Few Cigarettes A Day Reduces Artery Health In Young Adults
  • Maternal Smoking May Increase Newborns’ Discomfort

So what is the point of this post??? The point is there are countless reasons to quit smoking. The health effects of smoking not only affect you but those around you. Society is affected by smoking, unborn babies are affected, our children, family members, friends, coworkers, they all are affected by being around people who smoke. The majority of smokers want to quit and there isn’t a shortage of information telling us why we should quit. It is time to make a choice!

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