Health Effects of Smoking

The health effects of smoking is a growing concern and over the years an awareness has emerged and the battle to educate people to not smoke or to quit smoking is raging. The health effects of smoking not only affect the smoker’s body but non-smokers and society as a whole. Each year in the United States nearly 500,000 people die from the use of tobacco.  According to the The American Lung Association 50,000 non-smokers die each year from being exposed to secondhand smoke.  That is 550,000 deaths each year that are PREVENTABE.

The burden this puts on society is nearly a $100 billion a year in health care costs related to smoking. Not to mention dealing with the loss of thousands of grief stricken families each and every year.

Health Effects of Smoking on…

The Body

health effects of smoking on the body


health effects of smoking on nonsmokers


health effects of smoking on society

Did you know that the more you learn about the health effects of smoking and how it affects your family, friends, coworkers, and YOU that when you decide to quit you can dramatically increase your chances of success? When it comes to quitting smoking knowledge truly is power, the more you know the better prepared you will be for that big day when you break the addiction and take your life back. Over 20 percent of the American population smoke, that is nearly 50 million people, 70 percent want to quit. You are not alone!

The benefits of quitting smoking far outweigh any perceived value that smoking may offer.  Take this time to learn about the health effects of smoking and how you can quit.

stop smoking help
Stop Smoking Help

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