Hard Times Make Me Smoke

Is Work Piling Up?
Is Work Piling Up?

This week I have been confronted by 3 people whom smoke, all for different reasons yet to get through the same thing, LIFE. One gal started smoking because she was going through a divorce, another started back up because she was having marital problems and the third wants to quit but won’t because life is too stressful right now.

As an ex-smoker I understand what they are saying but since quitting, my eyes have been opened to some of the crazy illogical things we tell ourselves. I look back and I can’t figure out how or why I, or anyone else for that matter, came to believe that smoking helps get us through difficult times in our lives.

Without the challenges of life we would not learn, grow, conquer, or be able to help others that are going through similar things. Each day can present new challenges at home, work, with our finances, health issues, and even inconsiderate drivers may present challenges for some of us. The point is, these things are part of life and no where does it say on a pack of smokes that, “Smoking Helps During Hard Times.” In fact, the warning labels of a pack of cigarettes read more like… “Smoking Causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, And May Complicate Pregnancy.” and “Quitting Smoking Now Greatly Reduces Serious Risks to Your Health.”

For whatever reason we believe that smoking can help us in any way shape or form whether it is advertising or the influence of society we have to wake up and realize it is a lie. When I was quitting smoking several years ago life was hard. I was going through a divorce and I used it as an excuse to continue to smoke. A week before we were to finalize things I decided I was not going to put up with this any longer. I had just finished reading the “Easy Quit System” ebook on quitting smoking and it was time to stop making excuses. At that point I realized that smoking was not going to get me through the divorce (only I could do that) but if I did not quit now I would continue to make the same lame excuses and never quit. I quit cold turkey and have not missed it since. WHY? Because I have found new ways to deal with life and I no longer believe that smoking has any benefit. It doesn’t!!

Changing your lifestyle can open up new doors and opportunities that you may not pursue when smoking. If you are looking for healthy ways to manage stress and deal with life try getting involved at a local church, community center, exercise regularly, take a cooking class, an art class with the kids, pick up a new hobby, or volunteer work. There are countless ways to manage life that will lead to a more fulfilled and satisfied life… all without cigarettes.

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