Excuses Not to Quit Smoking

The Bondage of Smoking
The Bondage of Smoking

It isn’t surprising that smokers tend to be a bit apprehensive about quitting smoking. For many it is the primary way they have used to manage life’s ups and downs. Sure nicotine is considered to be one of the most addictive drugs in the world but in all reality it isn’t that hard to get off of it. For the most part, after quitting smoking, nicotine is out of the body within just a few short days. Your body is nicotine free and the side affects are pretty minimal compared to other withdrawal like symptoms when giving up a bad habit.

In my opinion the hardest thing to deal with when quitting smoking is the psychological effects of smoking. We smoke for so many reasons that it is weaved in and out of our lives. Without it, smokers would not know how to cope with daily life and this can be scary. They forget that millions of people cope each and every day and that they weren’t born smoking so they must have had some coping skills at some point.

The biggest excuse I hear about people wanting to quit smoking is that there is just too much stress in their lives right now to quit. I guess that could be true if smoking truly helped alleviate stress but all it really does is increase your blood pressure and heart rate when you are stressed. Granted maybe by removing yourself from the stressful situation and the deep breaths help but you can do that without a cigarette, can’t you?

So many smokers are making excuses to not quit when the reality of it is that frame of mind is going to keep them smoking for months and years to come. People are motivated by pain and pleasure. In order to avoid pain smokers smoke, it isn’t until the pain of smoking is so high, such as cancer or a heart attack, they are convinced it just isn’t worth it.

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