Eating Fruits and Vegetables

After you quit smoking you are going to want to continue to make smart choices. There are certain things to do and things you should not do. For starters you want to avoid things such as fast food, alcohol, and eating to much ice cream. All these things can lead to cravings and they can also lead to a larger waste line.

Eating fruits and vegetables can actually help keep your cravings down and satisfy your appetite to boot. After quitting smoking your body is going to go through several adjustments and your metabolism is going to slow down and you may see a change in your appetite. Eating healthy low sugar foods can help keep your body strong by providing the nourishment you need. Always remember that when quitting smoking you are making a lifestyle change and the goal is to kick the habit for good and to heal the damage smoking has done to your body. Eating healthy helps and it will keep you from adding too many of the extra pounds.

The ultimate goal is to adopt a healthy eating routine which consists of the basic food groups. But during those times throughout the day between meals it is always a good idea to have something good to munch on when you get hungry. Minimize eating binges by eating 5 to 6 times per day while watching the number of calories consumed. When you do this you will be careful of the foods you eat so the majority of it is good for you. You don’t want to quit smoking only to have to go on a diet!