Don’t Give Up

Keep Trying
Keep Trying
After quitting smoking there will be times where you absolutely feel like you need a cigarette. Don’t give into the temptation! Beating an addiction takes willpower and determination. Remember why you are quitting and remind yourself that smoking does not have any benefits. It will NOT help you manage stress! There are techniques for that which doesn’t revolve around smoking. You should feel great about yourself for making it thus far.

You body had gone through changes over the many years of smoking. Your brave has developed a strong craving for nicotine. Because of this certain places, events, things, and people can trigger a strong urge to smoke. If you are struggling with cravings it is important to avoid putting yourself into situations that trigger your desire to smoke.

You are doing great! Fight the urge and find things to do that distract you from thinking about smoking. Think about smoking as if you are purposely taking a hammer to your finger. Each time you smoke you damage your body and cause pain. By quitting you are giving your body (finger) time to heal and you will be capable of doing things that help fulfill your life rather than drain it.

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