Dealing with Parental Stress without Smoking

Has your “to-do” list gotten so long that it no longer fits on a single piece of paper? Is trying to keep up with your kid’s school and extracurricular activities starting to overwhelm you? Parents today are working harder and longer just to keep up with daily needs. To make things worse there are a lot of single parents out there juggling it all on their own. Heck with all this going on it can be difficult to even consider quitting smoking. Nevertheless, you should not let parental stress or any kind of stress keep you addicted to smoking. Eventually it will cause major problems of its own, if it hasn’t already.

Parents that have a lot of stress suffer from higher levels of depression and quitting smoking can also lead to depression. So it is important that you are ready to deal with both the stress and the effects of quitting smoking.

Managing parental stress is important and a good way to do this is to make friends and build strong social networks. Studies have shown that having one or two close friends or even a large group of friendly acquaintances is vital to emotional health.

You should also prioritize your “to-do” list in order of importance. What really has to get done today? Even more important what can be deleted? Tackle the things that absolutely need to get done today and reschedule the less important things for another day when you have more time.

Always include personal time for yourself – this is critical! Quitting smoking is hard for anyone at any stage of life and the number one thing that makes a person relapse is the effects of stress. Learn to combat parental stress and any other stress that is in your life to increases your chances of success when quitting smoking.

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