Dangers of Smoking

Quit Smoking Product
Quit Smoking Product
“Smoking is injurious to health”; this is the caution advice that we read on all cigarettes packets. Still we go ahead to take that puff of ecstasy. Why? Are we trying to be ignorant or is it something else.

Tobacco intake is the single most preventable cause of premature death in today’s times. Tobacco or nicotine is the chemical that narrows our blood vessels thereby reducing the life giving air that we intake, which in turn forces us to fight for that extra air.

Why we are drawn towards smoking

The younger generation of today’s times is the one, which is the most stricken by this deadly disease. The biggest reason for which is they are in a haste to prove them selves to be grownups and mature.

A 13 yr old boy standing in the streets with his friends puffing the circles of smoke in air, feels he is mature and big enough to take his decisions and thinks that now it is that he has broken free from the shackles of his parents boundations which say that “smoking is injurious to health”. He does so in pure enjoyment and fun, not realizing that he is indeed letting the shackles of a deadly disease trap him and is not in fact breaking free from any.

Hey! Boy, QUIT SMOKING, or else soon you will be in the clutches of the deadly disease.

Ill effects of smoking

It is smoking that triples the risk of dying from various heart diseases, bronchitis and emphysema. It is smoking that leads to asthma and lung cancer in many people. It is smoking that makes a person baffle for air 3 times more that a non-smoker. Smoking makes you weak and unfit for athletics and various other sports. Smoking makes people avoid you because it makes your hair and clothes stink. It stains your teeth and you have bad breath. Your lips are often cracked and you look pale.

Is that what you call looking mature. No. So quit smoking because it will do no good to you.

Smoking is a contagious disease because it not only weakens it victim but also those who are around him. This is better known as passive smoking where the smoke puffed out by a smoker does harm to the lungs and chest of the person who inhales that air.

It is thus the need of the hour that we should take up the matter seriously and do something constructive to free our society from the grips of this deadly disease.

Rob Mellor owns the www.quit-smoking-expert.com website helping normal people quit smoking in less than 40 minutes. Please visit the site for more information on how to quit smoking.

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