Cravings to Smoke

Your Going to Make it to the Other Side
Your Going to Make it to the Other Side
Have you ever given much thought to why you crave a cigarette, outside the fact that your body is going through nicotine withdrawal?

This is going to become very important after you quit smoking because you will be faced with cravings to smoke many times a day… but don’t worry they will subside and be less frequent over time.

When you first quit smoking the most common craving will be caused from nicotine withdrawal. This is your bodies way of telling you it WANTS it’s fix! This craving can be very strong in the morning, especially the first morning because your body has been without nicotine for several hours. Of course this depends on the time of day you quit.

For me nicotine cravings were no worse than having a minor cold. Yes, your body does experience discomfort for a short period of time but it does go away. Withdrawal symptoms don’t occur all at the same time either. The first week I experienced increased appetite, irritability, cravings for a cigarette, and difficulty concentrating. Around the second or third week I experienced sleep problems. It was odd because I felt like I slept 4 or 5 hours per night but I had energy the next day. Then for a week all I could do is sleep, 4 to 6 weeks into it I was feeling pretty darn good. Please don’t be under the impression that I had 6 weeks of hell, it was far from it.

Later posts I will deal with different types of cravings to smoke such as habit and smoking memories but for now don’t get overwhelmed with what you may experience. One of the best remedies for getting through nicotine withdrawals is to get physically active, use the money you are saving and get a gym membership but first buy this book. It will teach you how to properly nourish your body to get the results you desire. I did and it was one of the best investments of my life. Some people use nicotine replacement products to avoid nicotine withdrawal while they break the habit but you will still need to go through the withdrawals at one point or another.

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