Convince a Friend to Stop Smoking

Usually things are more fun when done with a friend. I am not necessarily saying that stopping smoking is fun but with the support of a friend it can be less painful. If you are a smoker you probably know someone else that smokes, maybe they have been thinking of quitting too – millions of people consider stopping each year.

When you stop smoking with a friend you have built in support and accountability. You can rely on one another to help get through the tough times. Make it even more interesting and put some money where your mouth is. If either of you smoke in the first 30 days you owe the other $100. If neither of you smoke then you are both richer, from not having to buy cigarettes (or paying the other person) and healthier, which is priceless.

If you don’t have a friend to stop smoking with but still want the support that would offer you should check out the Stop Smoking Hotline or local support groups.

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