Consequences of Smoking

It used to be said that when a person smoked they were only hurting themselves but over the years that has proven to be false. The consequences of smoking affect everyone that is exposed. The battle between smokers and non-smokers on where it is permissible and where it isn’t rages on because of the dangers. Most smokers understand that it is slowly killing them and hurts those around them but they struggle with stopping.

When you are putting together your defense to stop smoking you should keep in mind the consequences of smoking.

  • How it affects your health
  • How it affects your family
  • Societies lack of acceptance – times have changes
  • It controls your life and you need to plan your day around it
  • Cigarettes are expensive
  • Smoking stinks up your home, car, clothes and body

Obviously the list could go on and on but you get the picture. Put together a list of your own and understand what smoking is keeping you from. The more knowledge you have about the consequences the better prepared you will be when you stop.