Can’t I Just Have One Cigarette

90 Percent Can't Smoke Just One
90 Percent Can't Smoke Just One
You might get mixed answers when you talk to people when quitting smoking if it is okay if you just have one. Personally, I would have to say it is not okay. I went through the mentality that one wouldn’t hurt but soon it was two, three, four, and next thing I know I was smoking a pack a day again.

The evilness about smoking has a way of creeping back into our lives if we let it. If you are telling yourself that one cigarette won’t hurt then you are looking for a reason to smoke and eventually you will find a good enough excuse to light up.

Don’t take my word for it… Research has shown that, “Nine out of ten ex-smokers who have a cigarette after quitting return to regular smoking.” I know I don’t want to play those odds, do you? If you are looking for a reason to smoke and are thinking that you can do one, it is time to address whatever issue is putting that thought in your mind.

Because of the health effects of smoking there are dozens of reasons you quit smoking and this is the time to remind yourself of everyone of them. Don’t risk being in that 90 percentile of people that have one cigarette and start smoking all over again. The deck is stacked against you and before you know it you will have to quit for a second, third, and possibly tenth time.

Okay, so is there any good news… well not really. However, it is important to remember that it takes the majority of people quitting smoking several attempts to actually quit. Even though the odds are against you if you slip you should do your best to not give up. If you do smoke, address the underlying issue of why you smoked in order to help prevent you from slipping again. If it was a place then don’t go back there, if it was stress then find a way to deal with that stress, if you were drinking then don’t drink. You need to address whatever triggers you to smoke so you don’t start smoking again.

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