Behavioral Treatments for Quitting Smoking

Smoking is more than a physical addiction. If it weren’t we could quit for a week or so and feel fine without it. But over the years we have grown accustom to smoking and its affects. We count on it to help us feel better and get us through the day. We reward ourselves with a job well done by heading out the back door and having a smoke.

Quitting smoking behavioral treatments play a major role and can be combined with other quit smoking methods such as nicotine replacement products. There are a variety of methods that people use to quit such as; self-help materials to cognitive behavioral therapy.

These types of treatments are helpful because they teach people how to recognize high risk situations, improve problem solving skills, manage stress, and increase social support. Treatments that are tailored more specifically for an individual also increase the chances of their success.

148 thoughts on “Behavioral Treatments for Quitting Smoking”

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