Are You Still Trying to Quit?

Did you make the decision to stop smoking weeks maybe months ago and still have not been able to quit – one thing after another becoming an excuse to keep the habit alive day-after-day?

Excuses keep the dream of being a non-smoker on the back burner. When things get uncomfortable it isn’t very hard to find an “excuse” to do something, in this particular case light up. The psychological impact of smoking over the years has brainwashed you into thinking that there is a reward associated with smoking. Sure you are addicted to nicotine but the effects of the drug are short lived which is why a person needs to continue to smoke throughout the day to keep from experiencing withdrawals.

If you have been struggling with stopping smoking since the day you decided to quit it is time to examine and evaluate the techniques used and your mental attitude. If you have been trying cold turkey and failed then it isn’t working for you. Consider trying one of the many other quit smoking options available to you. More importantly you need to change the way you think about smoking. When you are able to see the reward of not smoking then, and only then, will you be able to get control of this beast and put an end to this nasty habit. Learn more about the psychological effects of smoking and how you can learn to change your mind.