Are You Determined to Stop Smoking

Are you determined to stop smoking but find it difficult and frustrating? You are not alone, millions of people struggle with quitting and staying quit.

I was on my fourth day of trying to stop smoking; each morning I would wake and tell myself today is the day and I would end up failing miserably. I wanted to stop smoking more than anything but somehow that little voice in my head convinced me to smoke “just” one more day. I probably could have gone on like this for months before giving up and accepting the fact that I am a smoker but that isn’t who I am or who I wanted to be. I was determined to stop and eventually did!

Determination, persistence and positive thinking are important when it comes to stopping smoking. Your mind is going to play tricks on you; trying to convince you that one more day won’t hurt but that day can easily turn into a week, month or years. If you are determined to stop then you will be successful as long as you stay determined – Don’t give up! Remember you are breaking a powerful addiction that has a physical and psychological hold on you.