Are You an Addict

Not all Addicts are Obvious
Not all Addicts are Obvious
During my 15 years of smoking I really never thought of myself as an addict. I mean cigarettes were legal to purchase, as long as you were 18, and they were sold everywhere in town. I was able to hold down a job, pay my bills, contribute to society, raise a family, and do all the normal things that normal people do.

I have seen addicts… drug addicts that hide out in their home while they get high. Shutting themselves off to most of the world. All they really knew were their own kind, supplying each other with the stuff that kept them in a state of numbness. They had difficulty socializing with others, holding down a job, getting an education, and taking care of themselves. Their lives revolved around when they could get their next fix and if it didn’t come soon enough they would experience withdrawals and lash-out, get angry or violent, they were irrational, and would do anything to make that feeling go away.

Uh Oh! Wait just a minute… could it be that smokers are addicted to a drug? I mean have you ever missed your routine cigarette break? How did it make you feel? A bit cranky, agitated, irritable, irrational, have you ever said anything you shouldn’t and blamed it on needing a cigarette? How many of us have wanted a cigarette so badly and simply could not get one, picked one out of an old ash tray somewhere and lit up. That is disgusting, however, I know I have done it and I know many of you reading this right now have done it. But wait that doesn’t make us an addict does it?

Let’s take a look at the definition of ADDICTION:

“Addiction – being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming”

Okay so maybe smokers are addicted, I mean would they continue to damage their bodies the way they do if they could stop smoking? Do heroin addicts like sticking needles in their arms to get high? Probably not but it seems to be very affective. I guess the only difference between being addicted to heroin and nicotine is that one is legal and the other isn’t. Amazingly enough nicotine is often compared to the addictive nature of heroin and thought to be even more difficult to give up.

Obviously I am being a bit facetious… it is quite evident that smokers are addicts. Their daily lives are planned around when they can have their next cigarette. They are trained to smoke a certain number each day because they need to feed the addiction. Without it their day crumbles, they are an emotional roller coaster, and this is all because they suffer from nicotine withdrawals. Do yourself a favor and take your life back. If people are quitting heroin and other addictive drugs don’t you think you can quit smoking?

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