Addiction is Treatable

Over 20 years of research shows treating addiction is possible and for the 1 out of 5 people who smoke, addiction is what they are dealing with. Nicotine is a powerful drug and the fact that millions of people have been able to stop smoking shows there are effective treatments, one of which is cognitive behavioral treatment.

Stopping Smoking with Cognitive Behavioral Treatment

Cognitive behavioral treatment is an approach that helps individuals give up smoking and other addictions. Its goal is to get you to recognize situations which you are tempted to smoke, avoid those situations and cope more effectively with the problems and behaviors that are associated with smoking.

Cognitive behavioral treatment is structured, goal oriented and focused on the immediate problems faced by people who are struggling to stop smoking. By developing a functional analysis you can determine thoughts, feelings and circumstances before and after smoking. Doing this identifies high risk situations that are likely to lead to smoking and it provides insight to why you smoke. Tackling the reason why you smoke will be the foundation for building a long-term plan to keep you smoke free for the rest of your life. Many of the reasons people smoke are based on faulty belief system and once you learn how to unlearn old habits associated with smoking and learn healthier skills and habits you will be able to stop smoking and not fear your future without it.

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