Accountability Helps When Stopping Smoking

As we go through life we are often held accountable for our actions, good and bad. When undertaking a new challenge or breaking a bad habit such as stopping smoking it can prove beneficial to be held accountable by getting an accountability partner.

One of the best stop smoking tips you can put into practice is to choose a friend, family member or another quitter to hold you accountable. Friends and family members provide a safe way to share your feelings, thoughts and struggles associated with stopping smoking. Choosing another quitter has its advantages as well; they will understand what you are going through and relate to the cravings and challenges a person stopping smoking will encounter.

When choosing someone to hold you accountable it should be someone that you are comfortable with and can easily communicate to. They should be firm, fair and understanding. For this to be successful you have to do your part and be open and honest; if you relapse you need to tell them, discuss it and come up with an alternate plan such as calling them the next time you feel a strong urge to smoke.

The best thing about having an accountability partner is that you don’t have to stop smoking alone and they get the satisfaction of being able to help someone they care for. You will also notice that by the time you get done calling your accountability partner, many times, the craving will be completely gone. Accountability definitely helps when stopping smoking!

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