About Nicotine Withdrawal

Over the years the smoker’s body has become accustom to getting a certain level of nicotine. There are several factors that dictate the level of dependency of nicotine. The number of cigarettes you smoke each day, how long you have been smoking, and the brand of cigarettes you smoke. All three play a major role in the amount of nicotine that your body is exposed too.

Knowing how much nicotine that is in a cigarette can be difficult. It isn’t printed on the package and there hasn’t been a report released from the FTC since 2000. In fact, most smokers don’t give much thought to the level of nicotine in their cigarettes.

In 1998 the FTC published “Tar,” Nicotine, and Carbon Monoxide Content Report that listed 1,294 varieties of domestic cigarettes. It reports the levels and differences between the brands. The reason this information is important is because it helps show you just how much tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide you are introducing into your body each time you smoke.

The range can be between .1mg up to 1.7mg for each cigarette. For example; according to the report published by the FTC, Marlboro cigarettes have a nicotine range from .5mg to 1.2mg. Marlboro 100’s, filter, hard pack, ultra light have .5mg and Marlboro 100’s, filter, soft pack, in the gold package have 1.2mg. So based on smoking a pack a day you could be getting anywhere from 10mg to 24mg a day of nicotine. A person that smokes a pack a day at the higher level may experience more severe withdrawals after quitting and this person may choose to start with a nicotine replacement product such as the patch.

It is knowing little details such as this that can really help you quit smoking and stay quit. You need to plan for nicotine withdrawal and you need to realize that the urges will come and go. After a few days they will lessen but they could linger on for a few weeks. The key is not to give in because if you do you are just resetting the clock.

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