A Quick Look at the Quit Smoking Stages

Generally, when you make a decision to do something there is a time of contemplation. Of course you may contemplate certain things longer than others. It is much easier to make a decision quickly on a matter when there is a great reward or pleasure attached to it. When it comes to quitting smoking it is hard to realize the benefit in advance especially when you feel like you are giving up your “best friend.”

The contemplation stage can go on for a long time, in fact it can go on for years. However, once you have decided to quit smoking it is time to start making the necessary preparations. You begin to educate yourself on the different methods of quitting smoking, the challenges of quitting, and what to expect after quitting.

“Information is the seed for an idea, and only grows when it’s watered.”

Okay… so now you are ready for the next stage – ACTION. Without action nothing will happen. You have made the decision to quit and drawn up a plan on how to do. You got the quit smoking hotline on auto-dial but all that is useless unless you take the next step and quit.

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