30 Alternatives to Smoking

Making the Right Choice
Making the Right Choice

As an ex-smoker I know there are challenges from time to time to not smoke. But life is filled with opportunity and things to do instead of smoking. Learn to refocus when tempted and look for alternatives to smoking. As you do, remember to have fun in the process.

  1. Watch a movie
  2. Clean the house
  3. Do stretching exercises
  4. Play with the kids
  5. Do some pushups
  6. Eat a healthy snack or meal
  7. Take a nap
  8. Play with your spouse
  9. Read a good book
  10. Join a support group
  11. Encourage a loved one to quit smoking
  12. Go to the gym
  13. Take a cooking class
  14. Volunteer somewhere
  15. Church activities
  16. Practice relaxation techniques
  17. Take up a new hobby
  18. Gardening
  19. Go for a walk
  20. Do some breathing techniques
  21. Get a massage
  22. Have a good laugh
  23. Take up a sport like soft ball
  24. Read up on the health effects of smoking
  25. Play a board game with the family
  26. Go roller skating
  27. Go to the park
  28. Take a hike
  29. Walk the dog
  30. Do some yard work