13 Ways to Stay Motivated When Quitting Smoking

Stay Motivated When Quitting Smoking
Stay Motivated When Quitting Smoking
So you have decided to take the plunge and quit smoking… good for you but you are finding it difficult to deal with the cravings and the nicotine withdrawals. Don’t fret because help is on the way and whether you know it or not you have it in you to quit smoking for good.

Quitting Smoking – Stay Motivated By

  1. Remind yourself why you are quitting in the first place. Is it because of health issues, your family, or are you just tired of wasting money on cigarettes?
  2. Imagine the consequences if you smoke. For starters you are going to feel guilt and all that time you spent getting to this point will be lost and you have to quit all over again.
  3. Recognize your progress thus far. Even if you just quit smoking today you still have made it hours without smoking. For those that have a few days under their belt you still don’t want to give that up. Either way you are making progress so keep on course.
  4. Short-term pain leads to long-term gain. Just think of the benefits of quitting smoking, especially the long-term health benefits.
  5. Reward yourself. If you are like many ex smokers you probably spent over $100 a month on cigarettes. Depending on how you want to reward yourself either go out and do it or think of the reward you will give yourself in a month, 6 months, or a year.
  6. Tell yourself you are in control of your life – not bad habits or addictive drugs. Habits can be broken and you choose how you live your life and you choose to live without smoking.
  7. The cravings will come and go and in time they will nearly be gone. Tell yourself they will pass and you are going to do just fine.
  8. Go out and have some fun. Fun is a great distraction and will help you stay motivated.
  9. Get physically active. It gives the body a natural high and makes you feel more in control, healthy, and reminds you why you are quitting.
  10. Take a couple minutes in the morning and imagine your new life without smoking. Don’t think about not smoking but the things you will do instead of smoking.
  11. Set yourself up to win. Make sure that you aren’t putting yourself in situations that are going to overwhelm or tempt you until you have the tools to manage them.
  12. Talk to your coach or support group. If you don’t have one get one. There is nothing that works better than having someone to hold you accountable and talk you through the tough times.
  13. Believe in yourself!

Join the millions of people who have successfully quit smoking and begin to really enjoy life. You should not have to be under the bondage of addictive and bad habits. The grass truly is greener on the other side so keep pressing on.

If you find that you are struggling with the nicotine withdrawals and just can’t quit you should check out other options and help for quitting. Don’t give up!!

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